Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Head Over Heels for Valentine's Day!

Here at Tiara Day we are head over heels for Valentine's Day!
Take a peek at our window's as we get ready for this Saturday's
Fire in Ice event!--


Anonymous said...

Wow! What beautiful window displays. I saw them last night. The pictures do not do them justice! I have my birthday and valentine list for my husband to bring in. But just in case he forgets, I want the Marian earrings that were pictured in your e-newsletter, 6 bath creamers in the glitter and rose and the chocolate rose handbag. I have been dreaming about that handbag since last week. I am so glad you moved to Frederick!
Kathleen --from 3rd Street

Olivia Mar said...

First of all, I am REALLY impressed with your blog. I've used blogspot and mine doesn't look anything like this. Maybe you can give me lessons. :-)

Secondly, I was planning to spend first Saturday in downtown Frederick and your store was definitely one the places I'd visit. Valentine's Day is such a great holiday for hopeless romantics like us. I love your store. It's like you designed it with me in mind.

Lady Vi - Frederick, MD