Monday, May 26, 2008

New arrivals

I am on holiday starting today -as I sit typing this post-- How apropos my husband would say! A shop keeper that never stops. I can't help myself. but I promised myself - My holiday starts after this post! I so need a holiday.
Where will I go on my holiday?
I will be spending a week working on projects around the house--to some I know it doesn't sound like much of a holiday--but it suits me jut fine for the present time. I have stuff I want to do around the house that never seems to get done--I'm so looking forward to this.

If you stop by the shop this week my dear mother, Michele, will be reigning the throne at Tiara Day. Stop by and say Hi--she is such a wonderful gal--a girl couldn't ask for a better mother!
Before I "leave" for holiday I wanted to makes sure I posted pics of fabulous finds that we just unloaded in the store. I recently have been on some awesome buying trips.